Falling for Dionysus for Carolyn Kizer

by Kourtnie McKenzie

and you played music

from the bend in a leaf

before I knew you were boy or man


           when the wine

           left our bodies

           you were in my bed

not friend  not man

a lion’s mane wrapped around you

a hunter’s coat

a prince’s paws            hanging from your shoulders

               Little Red Riding Hood

              might’ve warned me about you once

you asked what you could take

without bothering

anyone here

then you consumed the fruits I kept

the sunlight      in the rafters

you even swallowed the sounds from outside

what to do but love you

what to do

when you hunger for things so great

Kourtnie McKenzie is an MFA student in Fresno State’s creative writing program. Her work’s been previously published in The Barely South Review, The San Joaquin Review, The Young Adult Review and others. She lives with her four cats and two birds in Central California. Find her work at www.kourtnie.net